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Anthony Higg's,A New Metroid Character From Metroid Other M,Samus Dislikes Getting Called Princess By Him.And Anthony Higg's Became A Running Joke And Parody Under The Name Of The Mysterious Black Dude,Or MBD For Short.

Anthony Higgs Is Character From The New Nintendo Wii Game: "Metroid Other M" Anthony Higgs Is A Handsome, A Top-Notch Character In The Metroid Series That A Lot Of People Know. He Says: "Well Hello, Princess" For No Reason, This is Anthony Higgs's Unacceptable Excuse Expression Said To Samus, Because Deep Inside Samus's Heart, She Is A Tomboy, She's Also Known As Sam Makio. This Was A Unexcuse To Say That To Samus, Because Adam Malkovich, The Top Commander Of The Federation Tells Higgs To Go Back To His Command Station. And Leaves Samus Alone, And Comes Back After His Duty And Says The Most Romantic Thing That Was Unacceptable For Samus. Anthony Higgs Also Met Ryan Miller To Leave Samus Alone, And Talks To Anthony, And Tells Samus That She Is A Tomboy In Her Blood. Anthony Finally Came To His Senses And Starts Respecting Samus As A Tomboy, Now That He's Forgotten That Samus Isn't A Princess Anymore. Anthony Higgs Only Realized That Princess Toadstool Peach, Princess Daisy, And Princess Zelda Are Princesses. Not Samus, Anthony Higgs Learned In Adam's Study That It's Private And Tells Ryan To Go In His Private Study And Read Half Of The Books, And Starts Respecting Ryan Miller As A New Friend. Anthony Higgs Is Rumored In The AGK Finale, But Mostly, He Will Appear.

Anthony Higgs Also Said The Word To Morrigan: "Well Hello, Princess" And Anthony Higgs Saying That To Morrigan Aensland, Higgs Got Kicked In The Nuts For Saying That To The Chairwoman Of The Morrigan Corperation Building In Seattle Washington. The Reason Why He Says "Princess" Is Because He Is Very Interested In Girls, Just Like The Homo Kid, Anthony Higgs Dreams Himself Being With Every Girl, Including Samus Aran. He's Mostly Attractive To Nemu Kurotsuchi, Who Highly Respects Anthony And Trusts Him With Respect. Anthony Higgs Is Also A Member Of The Galactic Federation Platoon Army, His Comrades, K.G. Misawa, Lyle Smithsonian, And James Pierce. With His Members, Alongside Samus, Anthony Is A Fierce Soldier With A Fired Up Personality Once In Battle. After His Travel To The DigitalPh33rson Universe, Anthony Met DigitalPh33rson Saying That He Met Both Samus Aran And Ryan Miller. DigitalPh33rson Fluked Him To Get Out Of His Sight, But Was Engaged In Battle. After The Battle, DigitalPh33rson Finnaly Knew Anthony Was From His Past As Ryan Miller. Therfore, Anthony Higgs Became A Official Member Of DigitalPh33rson's Team. Therfore, After Samus Aran Was Diagnosed With The Fetish Virus, 2 Other Members Decided To Traveled To The DigitalPh33rson Universe To Chase After Anthony, K.G. Misawa & James Pierce Traveled To This Unverse And Go After Anthony. After When They Got There, Samus Was Screaming In Pain By The Fetish Virus And KG & James Chased After It, Instead Of Chasing After Anthony, They Decided To Stay And Help Samus Get Better And Healthy. Anthony Helped Out As Well. And With The 3 Staying, The 3 Members Decided To Become A Official Member Of The DigitalPh33rson Machinima Gang. Anthony Higgs Also Fought In The Showdown Against Kurt Zisa, He Thought That DigitalPh33rson Can't Handle The Giant Nightmare Menace Alone Himself. He Got Help And He And DigitalPh33rson Defeated Kurt Zisa And The Monster Cascade Was No More.