Picture 4

Nautilus,Made By The Galactic Union,Used In Underwater Battle's,She Was The Largest War Submarine Ever Constructed.

The Nautilus Is A War Submarine Used In The Galactic Union For Underwater Wars In The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Universe, The Nautilus Groups Can Be Found In: Toshiro Ocean, Mito Ocean, Yamato Ocean (Japanese Terrritory And Pacific Ocean), Roman Territory (Gulf Of Mexico), And Fetishism Territory (Atlantic Ocean). The Nautilus Is In Control Of Adam Malkovich's Brother, Fujo Malkovich And His Galactic Union Soldiers. They Consist Of Their Same Technology. And Weapon Advantages

The Nautilus Is A Cross Over Between A Natalius (Female Octo), And A Nuzzle (Big Body). Making These To Word Recipes Together Means A Underwater War Weapon That Can Go Up 800,000 Depths Below The Ocean Surface. The Navy Has A Submarine That Goes 930,000,000 Feet Deep Down The Surface. The Nautilus Is A Killing Machine For A Downright Threat For DigitalPh33rson And His Gang, And The Other War Companies (See Above For Territories).

Nautilus On The Other Hand Is A Deadly Machine That DigitalPh33rson Needs To Avoid In Order To Get Back To His Homeworld In Seattle Washington And The Main Machinima Headquarters.