Ninjutsu Is Famous Among Ninjas Like Naruto, Fire Torpedo, Goku, Bruce Lee, And Liu Kang, Also It Is Also Famous For UFC Fighters Arround The World And Through The Entire Universe, Soi Fon Knows Little Of This Move, Because Her Ninja Cronies Can Learn It. On The Second Half, The Ninjutsu Is Used In Sporting Events And Fighting Games Such As Smash Bros And Mortal Kombat.

Ninjutsu Is Purposed For Money Gatherers, Professional Wrestlers/Fighters, And The Saiyan Warriors Arround The World Who Have One Purpose In Doing, To Save The World. This Fighting Style Is Used In Parts Of West Asia, South Asia, And Brazil.

Ninjitsu Is An Ancient Japanese Martial Art Which Combines Unconventional Warfare And Espionage Into One's Practice And Lifestyle. Ultimately, A Ninja Aims To Become As Stealthy And Deceptive As Possible So He Can Go Anywhere And Get As Close As He Wants To His Targeted Suspect Without Being Detected. Skills Commonly Mastered By Ninjas Include But Are Not Limitted To: Disguise, Escapes, Concealement, Misdirection, Medicine, Weapon Throwing, Archery, Detainment, Submissions, Impersonation, And Assassination.